La Sweet Vida

Diabetes Type II is the reversible disease caused by high levels of blood glucose. Insulin within the body cannot sufficiently transport the glucose to maintain normal levels. Diabetes is affecting more people every year; therefore, raising awareness is imperative to prevent the number from increasing.

“La Sweet Vida” is a grant-funded project to develop a strategic technology–based campaign to address the growing hyperglycemic (type 2 diabetes) hispanic families in the low-income areas of the city of Arlington. Through the creative prism of graphic design, a fresh and lively approach (facilitating touch screens, videos, app design, interior design, and health information) was executed as a new clinical space to educationally intervene the families' diabetic–prone behavior.

Changing your habits and behavior is the best thing you can do to prevent yourself from getting type 2 diabetes. We have put together a number of meals and activities to help get you started in heading towards living La Sweet Vida.

Meal Plans